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On YELDO CROWD you can invest in highly selected real estate transactions, similar in quality and conditions to those typically available to institutional investors only

Strong Group expertise

YELDO CROWD is part of YELDO, a European Group specialized in institutional-grade real estate investments: our team has extensive experience in real estate and finance, gained in international contexts

Capital protection

Our investment philosophy aims at maximizing capital protection and returns for our investors. We do so by originating investment opportunities that entail a liquidation preference for YELDO CROWD investors vs the real estate developer equity participation


Before subscribing, we provide investors with documents and elements useful for making a well-informed investment decision. During the operation we make sure to provide constant updates on the performance of the investment.

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To date we have financed real estate projects for a total value of over 1Bln€, spread across 41 assets and completed 13 exits, generating returns for our investors higher than expected.


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Investing in Real Estate helps to diversify your investment portfolio, thus lowering the overall risk

Low market correlation

Real Estate investments traditionally show low correlation with the financial markets, offering additional diversification


Unlike other asset classes, real estate projects are always asset-backed: this provides additional guarantees to your investments

Hedge against inflation

Real estate investments offer returns that are higher than also the current steep inflation rates, thus protecting your savings

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