Our Mission

Born in 2018, YELDO Group operates in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. Our mission is to democratize the Real Estate market, granting direct access to institutional grade real estate investments, through a fully digital investment process.

At the same time, we offer real estate developers access to alternative sources of financing, acting as a substitute or complement to the more traditional bank financing. Our services contribute to overcome the financing gap that many valuable projects struggle with and that often prevents them from raising all the necessary capital.

Institutional grade investments

YELDO focuses on institutional grade real estate projects. A real estate project is defined as institutional when both its size and its high qualitative features make it attractive to professional investors (such as insurance companies, pension funds, investment banks or investment managers), both at national and international level.

We have been providing our institutional and qualified investors direct access, transparency and investment liquidity since 2018: with YELDO CROWD we aim at extending our services to retail investors, offering the same quality through equity crowdfunding

Our Numbers

To date we have financed real estate projects for a total value of over 850M€, spread across 34 assets and completed 10 exits, generating returns for our investors higher than expected.

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Our Team